Surveillance - The Eye in the Sky

Published on 25 April 2023 at 21:33

With all the action happening around the casino, the surveillance team is always on the lookout for the protection of the casino. This could be from the action on the table games, transactions at the cage and the overall property. We dive into the world of what this important department does on the daily watching over the assets.

Casinos are one of the most popular entertainment destinations around the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, with all the money involved in gambling, it's not surprising that some people try to cheat the system. This is where surveillance comes in - the use of cameras and other technologies to monitor the casino floor and catch cheaters in the act. We will discuss the importance of surveillance in protecting casinos and preventing cheating, particularly in relation to table games such as blackjack. Will also take a look at how they work with Security from investigations of guest accidents and employee theft.

Surveillance is an essential component of any casino's security system. Casinos use a variety of cameras and other technologies to monitor the casino floor, including facial recognition software, infrared cameras, and video analytics. Surveillance staff is trained to observe and identify suspicious behavior, such as players trying to cheat, dealers colluding with players, or any other activity that might be against the rules.

In addition to monitoring the casino floor, surveillance also plays a vital role in investigating incidents after they occur. This could include reviewing footage to identify how the accident occurred, who was involved, gathering evidence for security and or law enforcement, or simply analyzing data to improve casino security in the future.

One of the most popular table games in the casino is blackjack, which involves players trying to beat the dealer's hand by getting a higher score without going over 21. While most players play fair, some may try to cheat by marking cards, counting cards, or using other methods to gain an unfair advantage. Now mind you, counting cards is not illegal, but is seriously frowned upon and they will ask the person to no longer play. 

To prevent cheating in blackjack, casinos rely heavily on surveillance. Cameras are strategically placed around the blackjack tables to capture every move of the players and dealers. Surveillance staff is trained to look for signs of cheating, such as players exchanging signals with each other or dealers giving preferential treatment to certain players.

Surveillance has been instrumental in catching cheaters in the act and ensuring a fair gaming environment. One example is the case of a group of blackjack players who were caught using hidden cameras to read the dealer's hole card at a casino in Las Vegas. The players, who were working together, would then signal the information to each other and adjust their bets accordingly. Thanks to surveillance footage, the casino was able to identify the players and take legal action against them.

Another example is the case of a dealer who was caught stealing chips from the table by pinching them off the rack and placing them in a hidden pouch underneath their shirt. Surveillance footage showed the dealer taking chips and then was arrested and charged with theft, and the casino was able to recover the stolen chips and some of the money as this had been happening for some time. The Surveillance team was able to review previous recorded footage and watch the actions of the dealer for several weeks which help aided in prosecution.

Surveillance is a crucial aspect of casino security, particularly in relation to protecting table games. The use of cameras and other technologies allows casinos to monitor the casino floor, identify suspicious behavior, and catch cheaters in the act. Real-life examples show that surveillance has been instrumental in catching cheaters and ensuring a fair gaming environment. Casinos must continue to invest in surveillance technology and staff training to stay ahead of potential threats and provide a safe and secure environment for their guests. The relationship with Surveillance and Security must also be strong, with working hand in hand together they form a valuable team for the protection of the casino, its guests and its assets!!

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