The Team

Chief - Richard Acosta

Richard has worked for some great gaming companies throughout his career and has always made a point to learn something new from each location. Richard started his career in 1999 from the bottom and truly worked his way up the ladder. Starting as a bike officer patrolling the grounds and garages, then learning the casino floor where the gaming laws and regulations are required to keep the casino license going.  2001, he started learning the ways of Risk Management with General Liability and Workers Compensation Claims. In 2006 he accepted his first Director of Security role where he revamped the entire department and made guards into officers. 2008 saw the first year that he started to work in Surveillance having to take over the department when consolidation occurred. Richard studied and learned the new gaming regulations for his new department as well as cameras, tracking, how to count cards and cheating techniques.  2019 saw his first foray into Tribal casinos where he was hired as the assistant Director of Surveillance for the Gaming Commission in California. 

Currently, the Corporate Director of Security Operations & Risk Management with TLC Casino Enterprises in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has been bringing training and leadership mentoring to the team.  Recently developing an Investigations Division, Bike Patrol Operations, Training Division and revamping the Risk Management Department along with his Assistant they have been given much praise for their . Colleagues describe him as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, security and managerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver desirable results on time and under budget.